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1          Dropout rate in government schools in villages is varying from 19% to 39% depending upon the class and the poverty level of the child’s family (as per Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan report).

2          Badi Bata (enrolment in schools) programme by the government is yielding only limited results.


Main Causes:

·         Reluctance among parents in villages to send their children to schools.

·         No participation/encouragement from the society towards child education.

·         Financial constraints of the child’s family and lack of sensitiveness towards school education.



·         Sensitising parents towards their children’s education.

·  Community participation in the school activities, especially recruitment programme.



·        In 2006 - 8000, In 2007 - 11000, In 2008 - 23000, In 2009 - 26500,  In 2010 - 18600 and in 2011 - 24000 students enrolled.

·     Dropout rate reduced in all these schools due to increased commitment levels from the parents, teachers and community.