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 Vandemataram Educational Research & Training Centre (VERTC) is one of the most productive wings of Vandemataram foundation, established in 2015 at Kalwakurthy, Nagarkurnool district, Telangana State. It is working towards creating self-sustainable learning process, eliminating the bottlenecks in the process of learning and making learning as enjoyable and auto motivating exercise of mind, body and soul 

Our Research

VERTC has developed researched content that has enhanced the learning process of more than 1 lakh students.

Our Methodology

Little Teachers Little Leaders (LTLL) is an innovative shift from One Teacher - Many students concept to that of "One Facilitator - Many Student Teachers - Many students" 

Our mode - lll



Life skills

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VERTC- Aksharavanam

Aksharavanam, Vandemataram Foundation Kalwakurthy, Nagarkurnool, Telangana, India

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